Passion, skill and technology are the engine of our production.



We are artisans! Even though tanneries are part of an industrial process, we must never forget craft roots. Passion, skill, technology and tradition are the engine of our production.

MIURA tannery specializes in the production of calf leather for footwear and leather goods with chrome tanning.

Chrome tanning is by far the most widespread type of tanning, thanks to the ability to create very stable transversal bonds of trivalent chromium (Cr3 +) with the collagen structure of hides.

Its origins are relatively recent, infattisi have its news from the end of 1800, then (in 1910) the first chrome tanning was patented and experienced a significant expansion in the industrial aftermath.

The advantages of this processing are: greater thermal stability, greater water resistance and greater elasticity.


… industrial production with a craft heart ….

Conceria Miura S.r.l.

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